Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yuppies of the 80's

The term yuppie can be translated as a young urban professional. In other words the character Bud Fox that is played by Charlie Sheen is a perfect example of just what a yuppie is. I really did enjoy the movie as it was interesting how people can manipulate the market to their own personal gains. Gordon Gekko is a perfect example of a man that does that, and does it well. He finds ways to make money through the information that he somehow conjures that makes him millions of dollars in the stock exchange market. Most of what does is, however illegal. Bud Fox finds this out the hard way and is forced to cross him and pin the crimes that Gekko commits. Gekko finally pays for his manipulation of the market that has made him very successful. Gekko is a modern day shark in terms of money, in the way that he is almost willing to do anything to make a profit. That meant cutting up the airplane company piece by piece and selling it off.

The following link directs us towards a great example of what a yuppie was and how they can be defined, as well as posing the question are you a yuppie? I read the article and it does explain just what a yuppie is and all the aspects that come with being one. Charlie Sheen's character again fits this very nicely because, well he is a yuppie after all. Also is is important to remember that Gordon Gekko was also a yuppie when he first began in the business. Coming from nothing to make millions of dollars and living a lavish life style, doesnt sound too bad to me, perhaps the "might go to jail" could be left out.

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