Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ronald Reagan

Reagan hatred

When it came to finding hatred about Reagan as a person or even just as a president i found that it was not to hard to find as so as you typed it in I was over welled by the amount of hatred that is on the internet about the achievements that you made and the mistake that people feel he made and were just down to him. I have chosen to this photograph as it demonstrates the lengths that some bloggers went to by making their own captions and even cartoons based around what they classified as failures of Ronald Reagan. this particular image shows him have a meeting with men who are assumed to be terrorists. The caption "These gentleman are the equivalents of america's founding fathers" is meant as an insult towards the president for meeting them and trying to make peace with the enemy in many american opinions judging from this image. But this is not an opinion of all the general public of america as there is also examples of positive views and opinions on the achievements of what Ronald Reagan achieved during his two terms in office as the american president during the 80's.

Reagan Hagiography

My chosen source for Reagan hagiography is an article from an canadian newspaper in Calgary written to celebrate Reagan's 100th birthday. The writer Gerry Nicholls opens with the achievements that he feels were Reagan's greatest such as by turning a sour U.S economy around, by helping win the cold war, assembling a winning political coalition and restoring American pride. But the most important was that conservative consider him as one of the american's greatest all time presidents and the writer feels that this is down to the fact that he rebranded conservatism as they say before reagan came along it was basically a dour lot. Throughout the article there is not one bad word said against the former president and this could be one of two things that its because it a memorial peace on a dead presidents life or because the writer is a fan of the president maybe. It then goes on to mention that in the words of reagan "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are I'm from the government and i'm here to help" which portrays the former president in a more positive light as it shows him as being understanding of the general public and how they might feel and look at the government as being like. And to finish the argument the writer mentions that conservatism went from being a philosophy for capital killjoys to a force for optimism.

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