Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yuppies 1980's in American Culture


This weeks post is about a representation of what a Yuppie was. One definition is someone who is young, possibly just out of college, and who has a high-paying job and an affluent lifestyle. Can now be used to describe any rich person who is not modest about their financial status. The representation that I have picked is a series of comic style called 'Yuppies from hell' produced by marvel comics designed and created by Barbara Slate. the cartoons are examples of how in the 1980's the cartoonist thought and felt that the stereotype know as yuppies where like. Some of the example are buying a new house and only buying it because it had a fireplace and their friends did not so it put them above their friends, or meeting a girl for the first time, trying to get their child in to the best school before its even born and saying things like ' junior scored high on his pre-birth english scores' were as a normal parents to be would try to get the best school but when the child has been born at least.

After watching the film WallStreet I agree with some of the characteristic that have been presented int he cartoons are also present in the film such as the taste in art just because it expensive and is better that a friends, but not because they like it. I feel from looking at both of these examples that the yuppies are what the description iI gave at the beginning they are notmodest about their financial status that these example have shown me that they were out to be the best and they would get there any way possible no matter what or whom might have stood in their way. That their main focus, aim and ambition revolved around money and how much they could make of it to tell other about.

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