Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Representation of Yuppie

For this week’s contribution to the blog, I found an interesting article that connects the term Yuppie as being a self image and how this image is portrayed to greater ones look. The article is interesting because it links the concept that many create a false image for themselves in order to appear more successful and create a sense of self worth.

The article opens with how many can create an image for themselves to help portray a certain look that helps to improve their appeal to their sexual opposite. The author however attempts to make the point that confidence in the key when attracting the opposite sex, however this too is a trait of the term Yuppie. People create an image to look successful, important, rich, etc. The term Yuppie comes into discussion as these are often found within affluent youthful professionals. Some strive to become Yuppies, thus alter their lifestyle to meet the credentials needed to pull of the look. Those that are not faking the look often have well paid, middle class professional jobs and have luxurious lifestyles. This is a lifestyle with its origins linking to the 1980’s, as seen in movies like Wall Street and American Psycho.

Both set in the 1980’s we see a lifestyle change in young professional who seek to be the best and portray a look of being successful. In the 1980’s with the invention of the mobile phone or cell phone, we see that these are used to portray a level of importance; other mobile devises were used in this era as we see a shift into the digital world of computers, mobile phones and laptops.

Below is a clip from American Psycho, showing four suited, young professionals, showing off their business cards.

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