Thursday, February 24, 2011

80s yuppies

whilst researching about yuppies in the 80s, I came across this blog, 80s Actual. The article I have chosen concentrates on the word yuppie, when it was first used and, of course, what it really means.
The word was first used in the beginning of the 80s, as the author of the blog points out, there are debates concerning the exact date. However, the term shifted from being applied to anyone seekign to make money to a whole identity which was more than just about money, although it was a centre aspect.
The fact that the term was first coined in the 80s already shows how attached it is to that era. You cannot really say that there were many yuppies in the 90s, it really was an 80s phenomenon.
And of course, to know that a book was written in the mid-eighties with a title such as "Diary of a Yuppie" simply proves how popular and recognised the trend was.

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