Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Olympic Boycott 1980

The 1980 Olympic Games took place in Moscow, where a number of countries, including Japan, West Germany, Philippines and America chose to Boycott the Games as a sign of protest against the Soviet War in Afghanistan. The Americans, led by President Jimmy Carter, made an ultimatum that America would boycott the games unless the Soviet troops left Afghanistan. They refused to leave, so the countries went ahead with the Boycott. We can see how many countries agreed with America, and were against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan as only 80 countries participated in the Moscow Olympics, with 65 countries choosing to Boycott the event.

The Americans not only boycotted the games, but set up a rival event called the 'Liberty Bell Classic' which was help at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1980. Some of the times in the Olympic Boycott were in fact better than those in the official games.

I think this shows America as a country with strong principles, and one who is not afraid to do something different and change events if it doesn't agree with issues. Many countries may not have boycotted the Moscow Olympics if it wasn't for the strong, leading influence of America. We have seen this influence prior to the 1980's and up to the present day, and it is what makes America exceptional and different to many other countries which are more submissive.

I also think this is ironic, as America thought strongly enough to protest against the war in Afghanistan, however they themselves went to war with them only 21 years later. This also shows that America has many enemies and how quickly it can go from being protective and defensive of a country, to becoming the opposite and invading them in a War that has lasted for 10 years, and is still going on.

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