Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is basically a mini biography of Reagan, showing his achievements throughout his life time, before, during and after his presidency. His greatest achievement is seemingly the end to the Cold War during his presidency. This website outlines the fact that he was a controversial president, that some of his policies were risky. However he served the maximum of two terms, Reagan
put forward many social issues during the 80's. The increase of drug abuse and an epidemic of HIV in mainstream american society meant that action needed to be taken. His wife Nancy's "Just Say No" campaign swept the nation and according to this website showed the strength of the relationship between the president and the first lady. Reagan also instated a policy of 'affirmative action' seeking to inject racial and gender equality into everyday life, especially colleges and the workplace. These views of Reagan are mostly positive, the Iran-Contra scandal is only mentioned, and the writer even managed to place a good spin on that, showing how amazingly well Nancy supported his husband through such a difficult time. The article shows how a presidency can be looked at in a positive light no matter the scandals that occurred during it.

This is an E-book i found called 'The Clothes Have No Emperor.' The book was first published in 1989 and has recently been re-released online. I found out about it from a post on an anti political blog that basically continuously criticises the workings of Washington. The blog calls this book 'Histories only accurate Reagan book' and the only 'Honest history' of Reagans presidency.It calls comparisons between Reagan and Obama as figures brought in to bring hope after recession, lost wars and defeat in the middle east. Perhaps the reason the book was re released and the hatred of Reagan policy revamped is because of the parallels they draw in this blog. The book itself gives a blow by blow account of Reagans presidency and the mistakes he made along the way. It is a satirical criticism of every single aspect of Reagan, not only his political life, but his personal life as well. This contrasts so hugely to the first article, when i was looking for articles expressing their Hate for Reagan I was by no means struggling. The wealth and variety of criticism of Reagan on the internet is overwhelming, whereas trying to find positive views of him seemed to be a lot more challenging. The articles i found, including the one I used tended to be short and mostly ignoring the iran contra scandal, whereas the negative views where very opinionated and tended to come from the left side of political views.

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