Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yuppie Handbook

This website reviews the book the 'Yuppie Handbook', it describes it a satirical look at the role of a 1980's Yuppie in America. As we can see from the front cover of the book it tells of all the criteria that make a Yuppie. They are described as young professionals between 20-30 who live for their careers, and consumerism as they are only interested in material possessions and their own image. They have no time for relationships or to cook food, so they go to expensive restaurants everyday. They are smartly dressed and have the latest gadgets and technology. In the 1980's Yuppies were the first to get mobile phones, which we all now think are huge bricks, but were in fact state of the art in those days. As well as careers they wanted to be in fit physical condition so any time not at the office they were in the gym, we see this from the running shoes and racket in the picture.

They had a major impact on American Culture as they moved into urban neighbourhoods and transformed them into chic fashionable places to live. They also changed the culture as they brought in mass consumerism, and the need for new technologies that advanced America, such as Cappuccino makers and trouser presses. They also influenced a new age of music which incorporated jazz, acoustic and classical styles. Also a literary explosion occurred with writers such as Bret Easton Ellis who wrote about the fast lives of Yuppies.

The article ends with the line "today many Americans still live the yuppie lifestyle, or wish they did." This shows that there are still academic types following the American Dream who still aspire to the same goals as the 1980's Yuppies did, showing that the idea has not subsided in the past 30 years.

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