Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ronald Reagan the anti-communist lifeguard

My first chosen site focuses on the issues conveyed by Communism in the 1940s particularly the threat imposed upon American Hollywood Cinema. The article highlights the beginnings of Reagan’s transformation from Liberal Democrat to fierce Republican as he turns to the frontline of opposition to Communism. To Reagan this threat was very real and he carried this belief into his presidency. Marxists also posed a threat, with the inherent belief that the working classes should rise up against the government. Indeed Reagan’s economic plan: ‘Reaganomics’ offered major money to heads of the companies, the top 2% of the population, in the belief that the money would trickle down to give employee’s better opportunities. If we see the results of this for working Americans today it is debatable to whether ‘Reaganomics’ was beneficial to Americans.

My second chosen website is interesting as it highlights the Iran-Contra affair that lead to scandal during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. It is ironic enough that the President had to break the laws of the constitution and barter with another country to help the American hostages being held, when in fact his strong speeches strongly opposed submission and dealings with opposing (evil) forces. Yet the main interesting notion for the reason that Reagan traded in the guns, is in keeping with the notion that he was a life-saver still very much the heroic young man who used to save lives as a lifeguard. Him stepping in to help the hostages as he vowed to their loved ones, was a heroic act that ultimately had consequences for him and to the nation as a whole.

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