Thursday, February 17, 2011

Positives and negatives of Reagan

I may be the only one that may have done this but instead of looking up Reagan hatred I decided to look up Reagan fan club. It was an interesting choice of words that I put in the search engine, but I assumed there is a fan club for everyone and there existed one for Reagan just I assumed there would be. Now, in the blog/website there are many different pictures and comments and I believe videos as well. All of which dipict the former president in a very stately and statuesque pose. Which each president should be in anyway. One particular thing that I enjoyed was the videos that were linked to the page. They are both informative and enjoyable. They truely dipict what type of president he was, as well as what type of man he was. However, there is one that states that he is giving a speech on aliens or a possible alien invasion. I only got to watch one of the videos because my internet conection was so slow. In all this webpage does a good job of dipicting the president as a great man and great leader. hence the name Ronald Reagan fan club, I at least found that funny that there could be a fan club for a former president, due to the fact that I did not know too much about the man in general or what his accomplishments are. It is important to look that the bright side of people as well as what they are liked for, not what they are hated for. This is because I like to think of myself as an optimist.

Now, to look at Reagan hatred. I found a list of why one person dislikes Reagan as well. With every matter you are always likely to find someone on both sides of the arguement. However, this person does raise some good points to why he thinks that Reagan ain't all that. he gives viable "excuses" perhaps they could be seen as for most of his accomplishments. The person states that he was the most beloved president since FDR is a myth. Now this is one persons opinion, which they are entitled to. He states that Reagan cut taxes, won the cold war, shrank the governement (not too sure what that means), and saved the economy. These are the positives, however the person offers logical explanations of how this came to be. Firstly, the cold war apparently fizzled out because the Soviet economy was too wobbly. Second it is stated that Reagan only cut taxes just once. But, really how many times can one cut taxes before it gets a little rediculous. He vastly expanded the government and also buredened the economy with massive deficits, also his ratings were only just average. I still am not sure what political party this person follows but I think it might be conservative or democratic. It is tough for me to tell partly because I do not follow politics that closely, although I probably should. This webpage is clearly a page that is dedicated to the dislike of Reagan, there are good points and some points that may be a bit dodgy. I guess for every positive there must be a negative this webpage is quite negative and really does knock who Reagan is as a leader.


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