Tuesday, March 15, 2011

S-S-S-S-S-S-Salt-N-Pepa's here....

When I think of iconic 80's music I always think of Salt-N-Pepa, their music to me encapsulates the 80's, as well as their amazing dress sense. 'Push it' was released in March 1987 becoming a big hit in America and round the world, to date they are still the biggest selling female rap artists of all time. Their music was explicit 'Lets Talk About Sex..' was another one of their big hits. My love for Salt-N-Peppa was revived earlier this week when thinking about fancy dress ideas and I'd forgotten how amazingly catchy their lyrics are! I think this is what makes a song iconic, I don't think you could play this to anyone and them not know what song it is, even though i wasn't around when it was made or even on the popular circuit, i know pretty much every word.

Because of this i found it really hard to find a current song that i though had the same sort of feel to it. My music taste is pretty cheesy and i like most things that get a tune stuck in my head. Therefor I had a bit of a dilemma because I think a lot of music today is pretty rubbish and the same as it was 5/10 years ago, therefore i've actually chosen a song from 2003. However because this song is still played in clubs and on the radio around the world, and the artist is still current I've decided to use it anyways! I think in 30 years this song will still represent the naughties and still be as catchy as Push It is today. Just as the lyrics in push it describe the morals and wishes of a certain generation, I think 'Crazy In Love' by Beyonce does the same. Push It is basically about sex and music and this shows what interested the generation at the time:

'Yeah, you come here, gimme a kiss
Better make it fast or else I'm gonna get pissed
Can't you hear the music's pumpin' hard like I wish you would?'

and Beyonce's lyrics are about the wealth and love rather than lust, showing a new trend in lyrics of the new millenium:

'Yes sir I'm cut from a different cloth
My texture is the best fur, I'm chinchilla'

I love both these songs and think in 30's years people will still be doing the running man to Push It and dancing like Beyonce to 'Crazy in Love'

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