Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chips all male police unit

When I was younger I used wake up early to watch this TV show before I went to school. The TV show is about a highway patrol unit that is all male. I thought that this would be a good topic for the race and gender, because it is an all male police unit. Typically one would not think that females would be able to perform such a task. This is the reason that I thought it would be a good example of the gender issue. In Chips there are two male officers that do their duty of patroling the highway that they are assigned. Now, I think that it is a very stereotypical thing to say that females would not be able to perform this duty or have a job such as this. For this reason I see this TV show as somewhat of a gender issue because it is two male cops. I believe that this is represented well with this show. Another thing that I noticed while watching a video of the TV show was that the police officers are portrayed as being hip and cool because of the technology that they have (motorcycles). Again who doesn't like a motorcycle? They are seen as cool and fun and I think that their gender has a lot to do with it. Not that having a female police officer on the show would be bad. Simply, people see police officers as men that uphold the law to thier fullest potential. For this reason that people see police officers as men, I see it as gender issue that in the 80's did actually exist. I am sure that people would not think of this the first time that they watch the show because they obviously aren't looking for it. Gender plays a role here because they are both male roles, however who is to say that these could'nt be female roles? They very well could be. I think that fact that they just so happened to be male is something that the screenwriters intended. That much is obvious.

Chips Intro.

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