Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bananrama vs Christina Aguilera

For music to be seen as timeless and something that will be remembered for year to come its got to be well know during it's time, danceable, but also something the is catchy and going to be suck in your head for years to come. My choice for an 80's song that I feel fills all less elements is the song venus by the band bananabrma that was big in its time in 1984. This particular track of there's can be seen on its own as being timeless and still relevant now in 2010 as it can be recognised for the television advert produced by the women razor company named venus that use this song as they sound track on all of their advertisements and has been the way in which television audience recognise this particular brand.

The Christina Aguilera song Dirty will remembered for the next 30 or so year and maybe even after, not just for the song but also for its video. When this video first came out the style in pop was the bubblegum, super clean and innocent girls that left some thing for the imagination. The video was boy meets girl and the songs were all about falling in love and being in love but not this one. This video shows a turn in the trend moving it over to sexy, outrageous, in your face, dirty, hip hop? street, hardly any clothes and as much skin as possible video's started by Christina Aguilera. The concept of the video is under ground girl fighting club were there are dances, women mud wrestling and men and women that are hot, sweaty and under clothes to sell sex appeal to the audience. I think that this will be remember for being outrageous, starting a new trend, but also as Christina has become a well know international superstar both in music and film and will be around for years to come.

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