Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parton and GaGa

I am not an ardent song follower, but the songs I do know have come to my attention and stayed there because of their catchy nature. The 80's was certainly a time where music was catchy, there was the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Blondie, Madonna, and of course my favourite 80's country singer Dolly Parton, she makes big breasts and blond hair fashionable. Her music encapsulates the average working person's day, the people who haven't achieved the American Dream, and yet it still exudes the extravagance of the 80's with her big hair and ordinary outfits that have been made extraordinary. The film in which the song gets its name and is on the soundtrack is about women getting even with the sexist, egotistical boss in a fantasy that in a way comes true.
To me, the song 9 to 5, is about getting over the mundane and making it fun. I think that is what the 80's is all about. Especially the music. I do not remember any song from the 80's that doesn't make me scream and jump around like a five year old and dance like a maniac. Its the fun in my life. The song may be residual in comparison to some other songs that have overtaken it, but I do not believe anyone who says they do not know it.

Now to the now and so to the emergent. I hate Lady Gaga, but there are some of her songs that I love, and dare I say it, I understand, however, I do not understand her fashion sense!
It is true that there are many bad relationships in this day and age, they are common, and our culture today allows us to have as many relationships as we want with as many people as we want, of any gender. Lady GaGa sings of this in a way that is nowhere near as boring as all the songs about how she cheated on him, he is like a drug and all the other cliche songs that circulate nowadays. She, like Dolly Parton, makes the ordinary extraordinary. She wears clothes that are wild and her persona itself is wild. Her personality and her eccentric songs are emergent, there is no way that a character like hers will not be remembered, she is the new Millenium's version of Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Adam Ant, all thrown into one, with a little bit of controversial meat clothing thrown in for good measure. Her songs are catchy, and I find myself actively seeking to listen to them, and I do hope that I will sing these to my children and embarrass them as they sing and dance to them when they go to their school discos.

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