Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Less Than Zero (Blank Fiction)

The first of my links is a spoof advertise meet for a new programme that is advertising a new television series on the network The CW and it a series meant to be based on Bret Easton Ellis's book and is meant to be produced by him. The main focus of the series is the same as the books, drugs, sex, youth culture, and murder in the end, and the show feature to brothers who are of course youth wealthy serial killers. This is an example of what society feel in a way that could be possibly grace the television screens one day and in ways already dose in programmes such as melrose place.

The second link is a blog for the perspectives on education by Philadelphia school teachers and talks about how a teacher was walking around a book store and found the book "Beautiful disaster" by Kylie Adams shocking that one of her students could be reading a book that could have been mistaken for an adult novel and not a teen book for 15-17 year old. The fact that the main focus of the book was on binge drinking, swearing, using illegal drugs, engaging in promiscuous sex, and having breast implants.

It was said that it should have been brought to the attention of the the state as it was criminal behaviour on the behave of MTV for taking on these ideas and turning them into a well know programme know as 'Skins' as it showed the idea of a youth of sex, drug use and a blank generation that could be seen as an influence for the current and future generation.

The Blogger then goes on to have the same issues with a book called 'Gossip Girl' that has the slogan ' Welcome to new York City upper east side where my friends and I live, go to school, play and sleep, sometimes with each other' and blames this also on the influence of MTV and it so called not having no qualms about using sex and violence to win over the attention span of children. All of this is similar to the representations that are shown to be also lived in the novel 'Less Than Zero'.

This Third example is an article written in 19998 by James Annesley who identifies a set of dominant characteristics that have protagonists preoccupation with violence, sex, drug use and popular culture, medium, style. Within theses novels he says they are normally set in an urban environment like New York City or Los Angeles and the characters reject both traditional constraints of job and family and of political of social ideals dovetails with a sense of living at a remove from reality life/ life style idea.

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