Thursday, March 3, 2011

80's Blank generation.

I struggled to fined something that i wanted to find, that wasnt the same as others, but I shared that difficulty in reading Less Than Zero. I found the description a little tedious at times & I felt more & more sorry for the character "Blair" the more I read the book.

This link is for a site that shows a popular contemporary film series that changes the actors faces to those of the 80's kids. This I thought was interesting because I viewed Less Than Zero as a drama series by its relationship between characters & all their individual problems, this is how I could compare. The comparison between Less Than Zero & the example on the link are completely different, but its the drama that surrounds them both stood out & with the change to eighties faces it wierdly sought of became more significant.

I hated the use of MTV & the amount it was mentioned but thats the emphasis I guess on its popularity. But I saw a similarity between the characters & the way the watched MTV. Hollow people who seem emotionless or have difficulty in expressing their feelings to the others, & then the MTV, on, being watched but with no sound coming out, muted. That kind of stuck out to me, amongst the obvious, interest in the violent video, themes of homoerotic behaviour, the drugs & the casual sex. The idea of who slept with who that gives the couple status.

I havent seen the film adaptation staring Robert Downey. Jr but Im surprised that the was no role for Jonny Depp as suggested in the link.

& When I read Less Than Zero I got a similar feeling as to when we watched Crash last year, that Los Angeles isnt this distastely, perfect place as I have often thought of but a place full of problems behind all the glitz & glamour.

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