Wednesday, March 16, 2011

80's & contemporary music in the future.

I too have chosen Van Halen because I agree with David & I think its just as interesting for us to both post Van Halen in our blogs. I was brought up on a group of 80's & 90's songs of which 'Jump' was one, one of those mix your own cassettes my dad had in the car, Childhood memories.

Van Halen gained worldwide success with their sixth studio Album titled 1984, year of its release also. The song is their most popular hit, & to me 'Jump' is just synonymous of the 80's. David also makes a good point, the "Sex, drugs & rock n' roll" is something that correlates with the 'Less Than Zero' characters. The wacky care-free, laid back, party life style is best linked to Van Halens' lead vocalist David Lee Roth, for being real & not an exaggerated front.

This below is a perfect example of all we are looking at with David Lee Roth, Van Halen & the genre of Hard glomorized 80's rock, complete with Spandex, or tight leather pants & the huge! hair.
My contemporary choice is the Killers & when you were young although there are four or so more hits of their that I will mention.
Formed in 2001, debut album Hot Fuzz in 2004.
Amazon Uk's 3rd best selling artist of the decade.
British Radio station XFM & its viewrs voted Mr. Brightside as best song of the decade.
Rolling Stone magazine's 43rd best album of the decade.
Some of their influence comes from musicians such as New Order, Bruce Springsteen & Oasis.
Due to their sound & with the aid of their music video's, but also due to originating from Las Vegas, the Killers are often classed in a genre of Heartland rock. A sound that comes across as honest but rugged, natural and deep in meaning.
Again a band that I have listened to for years now, started & stayed a mainstream comercial success. Tracks like "Mr. Brightside", "Somebody told me" & "All thses things that Ive done", are played in clubs constantly. Perhaps residual now in 2011 but they have been consumed by a generation & I think will last a couple more yet.

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