Wednesday, March 16, 2011

John Cougar Mellencamp and Eminem

John Cougar Mellencamp- Little Pink Houses 1984

I chose this song because I thought that it defined America as a whole, in both the lyrics and the music video as well. The entire song and video just have America written all over it. Another thing that affected my deiscion on the songs is the music video. I do not think that there could be a better or more patriotic song during the time period than this one that Mellencamp has created. Simply put, the video is America. Everything about the video the images the ideas that surround the video as well are American views and ideals. This song absolutely describes the time period because it has popular American values in almost every sequence of the video. The lyrics top it off as being patriotic and having these values as well. "Aint that America" is in the lyrics, Im not sure there could be a better song that would describe this era.

Eminem- Lose Yourself

This song is the first major hit that Eminem had when he first hit the rap scene, this song will most likely be remembered as one of the songs that was a the best during the time. Maybe it will be considered to be an "oldie", or, an oldie but goodie. Who knows? I do know that people will not forget that this song was made. Perhaps rap will not even exist in that time period and this will be seen as something that people used to listen to rather than a song that changed hip hop. I think it does a good job of telling what the time period could be like because it shows a reletively young man trying to get his life sorted out, and that he is doing so through the help of his up and coming rap career. Which has flourished by now.

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